We’re done!

It was a busy week here at Jomsy! Two new clients and a new intern, Jomsy has a full house and a busy couple of months ahead.

Raiza Swimwear production is coming to an end; just finishing up the final touches, we couldn’t be happier! It’s been an all hands on deck, marking beading placement, buying last minute elastic, everyday a new emergency followed by a new triumph, I honestly don’t think I have seen Gongzi sit down in the past 2 ½ weeks, that girl is a true production rockstar!

Ugo is also putting the final touches on the website, I can’t wait to see.

Mathieu’s first week was by far the craziest but as my grandfather used to say” the best way to learn how to swim is to be thrown into the deep end!”   Mathieu congrats, you’re doing the back stroke when most would be doggy paddling.

April is around the corner, spring is here, and Jomsy is already planning next fall but none the less it’s a beautiful day and here is looking forward to a beautiful weekend

Until next week,


Friday: tech packs and chocolate

Friday: tech packs and chocolate

See ya later Market Week.

I’ve met so many buyers and run into so many people from school/old jobs/etc….. (Thank god I’ve mastered make –up application while driving hehe) it’s the best/worst thing about this and I imagine any industry, it seems so big but in fact it’s so small!

One thing I have heard consistently is how happy I seem “Is Jomsy hiring?” “what’s the secret?” Secret? If there’s one thing I know it’s that I know nothing so when asked for my advice, as much as I love the sound of my own voice, I’m at a loss.

-Advice no, but here’s what has worked for me(so far):
1) Everybody gets stuck, EVERYBODY- A very good friend of mine told me once “you think you’re the only one anything has ever happened to” Basically STOP FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF! Harsh, maybe, but it’s true.
2) Let it go- In all ways LET GO! For me I’ve found if it’s supposed to work it will. If you get fired, move on. Your Internship seems to have no end and by end I mean job, learn and take as much as you can from it and MOVE ON. Never fear the unknown, something better is always there
I’ve interned my life away spending many a day’s day dreaming my grand escape from society thinking “is this it?!”
The answer is always, no!

pack it up

pack it up

I met Queen Bee in an elevator one night after interning at a sample sale, she handed me her card and I saw “office in Paris” and knew I had to take this opportunity! I kid you not I had a voice in my head screaming “ I don’t care how tired/sad/discouraged/hungry/etc… talk to this woman!

At the time I was interning in a showroom doing DATA PROCESSING, cherry on the cake they had also just declared bankruptcy. No money, no data, no job! Mind you I’m talking about the showroom but those also applied to my life as my family was just about over keeping me on the payroll as well. I really thought maybe that was my sign, jig is up, fashion just isn’t for me.
Ignoring that self-pity was one of the smartest things I’ve done yet.

Stay Strong. Smile.

Xo -H

days like this

days like this

Market Week Day 3

Day 3 here we go

Day 3 here we go

Today I’m at a lose for words, but, if I live by a certain phrase here are 1000+

Market Week Day 2

Traffic! Running late I can only hope Queen Bee is in a good mood, thankfully I find that Sweet G (Gongzi) is running a little late as well.

Sipping on my Blueberry green tea I walk in to the office to see Ugo the great working on our business cards!



No exaggeration in “the great”, he had the best idea: Though we will all have a Jomsy business card, he will apply some sort of individuality to all of our cards so that it conveys who we are and what we do. GRAPHIC DESIGNERS stay posted to see the final product it will be remarkable.

……In case you were wondering Queen Bee was in fact in a fabulous mood (I live to see another day!) haha



In other news:

Things have been changing here at Jomsy. Ugo and Gongzi joining the team has made things run so well, It gives me time to think and wonder “what’s next?”.  To say I over think is an understatement but for the first time it’s not creating stress and chaos in my crazy little brain, I honestly feel like the sky is limit here at Jomsy and I am truly excited for the upcoming month’s……..it’s about to get crazy and I can’t wait! I’ll give you a hint: Oceans and clouds hehe

Talk soon



Market Week Day 1

At Jomsy nothing gets in our way.

At Jomsy nothing gets in our way.

Today started off in true Jomsy fashion (pun intended) with a fire (aka) crisis.

Raiza swimwear production was put to a halt! We thought we could have our first samples hand sewn, (wrong), luckily our triumphant Gongzi and Queen Bee (Sylvie) made a call and within 5 minutes, fire out. Who needs coffee when you’ve got pure adrenaline?

To be honest putting out fires is one thing that keeps us in this game, we love it. Keep raising the stakes, eventually we will just learn how to fly.


In other news, Market Week has kicked off for Jomsy!

Roqua Collection from Germany and Babelle has officially hit the showroom, buyers beware: you may fall in love!


Some may ask “What is market week and what does it mean for Los Angeles, aside from the ridiculous hike on already overpriced parking?!”

Five times a year buyers from all over the country and even some internationally come to check out the latest collections from brands in apparel, accessories, and the lifestyle market. Buyers can view collection catering to all price points and aesthetic, making it the largest market on the west coast…

What does Market week mean to us at Jomsy?

We have a chance to see fashion at its finest, and present our amazing designers such as Roqua and Babelle.

LA breeds interesting and creative looks that can be inspiring to say the least, style is everywhere and in the end “style” trumps “fashion”.  Style is what keeps me in this organized insanity otherwise known as the fashion industry ,Seeing all the buyers come in and out of the Cooper building all day, a pair of tangerine suede loafers here an amazing pair of channel sunnies there, what more could I ask for in the way of first hand fashion/people watching


All in all today was beautiful, relatively calm, and completely Jomsy……..Stay tuned for day 2



Today At Jomsy

It’s an exciting day at Jomsy Consulting office today. We’ve received our shipment of Roqua’s utterly flawless fall fashions, in preparation for the upcoming LA Market Week. LA Market week is twice a year and our office is buzzing with excitement as we approach!

photo (3)

Gongzi Wang, Jomsy’s new Production Assistant, is taking great care as she and Sylvie’s Managing Assistant, Hannah Nardo, unpack the Roqua collection from the boxes that have come straight from Germany.

The quality of material, design, and construction is simply gorgeous, and we can’t wait to show off these beautiful pieces for Autumn 2013. The line is uniquely designed in France, while made in Germany, bringing a line of chic and sophisticated outerwear, pants, and dresses to the USA, right to our LA based showroom.


photo (1)

In addition to this, we are quite excited to have talented pattern maker, Van Lee, who is draping create original patterns for another client, part of the process of bringing their sketches to life.

This process is truly an art, and anyone who truly knows fashion can certainly appreciate that this is both an art and a skill that takes great care and attention to detail.

Jomsy prides itself on sourcing only the best people in the industry to perform such important tasks.


photo (4)

Finally, Joanna Kinsman from Miss Kinsman, a luxury swimwear line, is visiting today as we work together on marketing and web development.

The designer found Jomsy via LinkedIn, and has been learning a great deal from us to implement into her own business.

Jomsy is known for helping designers from all over the world to launch their brands in the US. With the use of Skype, anything is possible for Sylvie, Jomsy’s founder and fashion business consultant.



Los Angeles – California, l’American Dream ! Été 2012.

Vous souvenez vous lorsque tout le monde portait des bracelets de cheville en argent dans les années 90?
Jomsy Inc est fier d’annoncer le lancement de sa première ligne de bracelets de cheville en cuir recréés à la mode du 21ème siècle pour celles qui souhaitent un accessoire tendance avec une touche 90’s.

Le bracelet de cheville THE JOMSY donne un style branché que les défilés de mode et les stars ont déjà adopté. THE JOMSY offre une large collection de couleurs et de cuirs afin que votre style s’adapte à chaque saison. Vous allez apporter un style fashion à vos tenues de jour et de soirée.

La presse en raffole !

THE JOMSY, le bracelet de cheville en cuir a eu l’honneur pour son lancement de figurer sur le lien des fashionistas, célèbre et mondialement reconnu, FASHION TEEN VOGUE avec une interview par An Dyer.

TeenVogue Fashion Click
« The Jomsy Ankle Bracelet » (« Le bracelet de cheville Jomsy »)
par An Dyer (22 Juin 2012)

Traduction française de l’article :

Le weekend dernier, j’ai eu le plaisir de rencontrer une designer Parisienne, Sylvie de Gil. Nous nous sommes rencontrées dans ses bureaux, Jomsy Consulting, et j’ai eu l’incroyable opportunité de voir le showroom, leur magnifique sac en cuir, les foulards en soie et leurs somptueux bracelets de cheville. Sylvie a été très conviviale, elle est incroyablement talentueuse, optimiste et passionnée par son métier. Sylvie est Française et moi Vietnamienne, nous avons eu l’occasion de pouvoir échanger longuement, ainsi que sur la culture Vietnamienne, très influencée par la culture Française, la langue, la cuisine ainsi que la mode. Sylvie m’a dit ô combien elle appréciait visiter « the Little Saigon » et « Orange County » pour leurs délicieux restaurants Vietnamiens qui s’y trouvent. Mis à part les beaux vêtements et les chaussures, j’adore la gastronomie. C’est donc toujours un plaisir de rencontrer des personnes d’autres origines et de se trouver autant de points communs.

J’ai été très impressionnée par les connaissances de Sylvie. Ses pièces sont toutes faites à la main et fabriquées à Los Angeles, en Californie, elles sont le reflet parfait entre son amour pour ses créations et sa passion pour l’industrie de la mode. En plus de la conception, l’entreprise de Sylvie travaille aussi avec de nombreux designers. Vous pouvez en apprendre plus sur Sylvie sur le site Jomsy (http://www.jomsy.com).

J’adore les vidéos de ses créations !

Avant que je ne parte, elle m’a offert un bracelet de cheville en cuir de mon choix. Il y a tellement de couleurs magnifiques, textures et cuir qu’il est difficile de faire son choix. Après une longue hésitation, j’ai décidé de choisir un somptueux bracelet de cheville jaune fluo qui s’assortit parfaitement à mes chaussures.

Je remercie chaleureusement Sylvie pour son accueil et son amabilité.

Si vous êtes intéressés pour acheter un bracelet de cheville Jomsy, un sac en cuir, ou alors un foulard en soie personnalisé, contactez Sylvie par email : consulting@jomsy.com

Vous pouvez suivre Jomsy sur Facebook et Twitter

Merci à tous d’avoir lu mon article – Je vous souhaite un bon weekend !

Xo, An.


THE JOMSY est aussi apparu en première page durant plus d’une semaine d’un des plus grands magazines en ligne de Mode Americain de Los Angeles, THE LOS ANGELES FASHION MAGAZINE! Son fondateur et rédacteur Csaba Fikker est tombé fou amoureux des bracelets de cheville THE JOMSY.

The LA Fashion Magazine
“Jomsy Luxury Leather Anklet! Made in Sunny Los Angeles” (“Le luxueux
bracelet de cheville en cuir Jomsy! Fait dans le Los Angeles ensoleillé”)
par Csaba Fikker (8 juin 2012)

Traduction française de l’article :

Vous souvenez vous lorsque tout le monde portait des bracelets de cheville en argent dans les années 90?

Jomsy Inc est fier d’annoncer le lancement de sa première ligne de bracelets de cheville en cuir. Nous les avons recréés à la mode du 21ème siècle. Les bracelets de cheville en cuir Jomsy sont parfaits pour celles qui souhaitent un accessoire tendance avec une touche 90’s. Les bracelets donnent un style branché que les défilés de mode et les stars ont déjà adopté.

Jomsy offre une large gamme de couleurs afin que votre style s’adapte à chaque saison. Vous allez apporter un style fashion à vos tenues de jour et de soirée.

Née dans l’univers de la mode, designer et directrice de Jomsy Inc, Sylvie de Gil s’est faite une place dans l’industrie de la mode grâce à ses créations et idées originales. Elle réinvente cet objet culte des années 90 pour en faire le nouvel accessoire trendy en direct de Los Angeles.

Avec l’arrivée de l’été, mettez de la couleur autour de vos chevilles, à la plage, au bureau et pourquoi pas un noir assorti à votre « little black dress».

THE JOMSY bracelet sera aussi porté par des actrices Hollywoodiennes, dont l’actrice principale Jennifer Love Hewitt de la série Lifetime “THE CLIENT LIST”, qui vient d’être renouvelée pour une seconde saison.

La créatrice, Sylvie de Gil

Née dans l’univers de la mode, designer et directrice de Jomsy inc, Sylvie de Gil s’est faite une place dans l’industrie fashion grâce à ses créations et idées originales. Les bracelets de cheville en cuir Jomsy ont été conçus par la designer parisienne Sylvie de Gil. Ils sont trop souvent vus en argent, or ou bronze, mais elle réinvente cet objet culte des années 90 avec du cuir et de la couleur pour en faire le nouvel accessoire trendy
en direct de Los Angeles.

Fondatrice de Jomsy Inc, cette créatrice Parisienne et visionnaire a gagné sa réputation dans le monde de la mode grace à son métier qui n’est autre que sa passion.Le mantra de Sylvie, pouvoir transmettre cette passion et aider de jeunes designers à faire de leurs rêves une réalité !
Grâce à Jomsy Inc elle guide et lance les designers dans le processus de création de leur propre collection de vêtements et les assiste dans la promotion de leur marque, et elle est fière à ce jour de pouvoir compter beaucoup de jeunes designers du monde entier qui ont lancés avec succès leur ligne de vêtements.

A consommer sans modération !!

Contactez-nous !!

Vidéos THE JOMSY à utiliser sans modération !!

Sites THE JOMSY !!

Viadeo : Sylvie de Gil 

Los Angeles Showroom
Cooper Building
860 South Los Angeles Street

Sylvie de Gil : 323-252-5393

Pour plus d’informations, veuillez contacter :

Le bracelet vous sera expédié depuis Los Angeles dans son élégante
pochette de velours noir.
Prix : $30.


Styles, Trends — LOOK BOOKS!

I know.. you’re probably thinking why we haven’t posted much in the past week, but only because we’ve been working with so many clients from all around the world! We’re trying to get everyone’s collection ready so you could be the first to have a look at all the upcoming trends! ;)

Anyway, I’m sure most of you love fashion, and in fashion, one of the most popular things for showing off styles and trends are LOOK BOOKS!  Whether you’re keeping a style book of your own looks, or you’re putting together a compilation of trends you love, the Look Book is the most universal product for fashionistas all around the world!

Like we always say, we love to keep our fans in the loop with what we do here at Jomsy. So today, we’re going to teach and explain to you, how we create look books, for our very own products!

Look books are created in many different ways. Some people just use raw photos, and put  them together, some use photoshop to create something like an editorial or mood board, and as for us, we use both of those concepts!

Take a look at the raw image below:

This image has not been altered in any way. So, we take a lot of images like this, and we draft up a board just like an editorial, to see which images go well with one another.

Then, instead of taking up time on photoshop to create the compilation, we open up  our handy dandy Microsoft Powerpoint, to put everything together. Yes, I know. Powerpoint. The first thing I think of when I see Powerpoint is … boring school presentations, and business meetings. But nope! Powerpoint is actually very beneficial when it comes to creating a look book — OR any type of mood board.

One of the great things about using powerpoint is also because its default size is perfect for a look book. So.. we open up a few blank slides, and go one by one. Depending on the product, some slides may only fit 2 or 3 images, or sometimes it can fit up to 4 or 5!

After you have all your images laid out like you want, you start using the art tools on powerpoint to make everything look 100 times better than it did when you first started! My ultimate favorite thing to do is to add color around the images. It makes the photos POP, and it definitely livens up the presentation :)

Take a look at our Intro Page:


It’s always nice to have a full image of your product for the introduction page. You always want to make sure you have something to catch the audience’s attention.

If you are an avid powerpoint user, then you know exactly what to do. However, if you’re not, everything on powerpoint is made to be self explanatory, and you’ll know your way around in no time!

You can see that these are all raw images, however, we take different effects, to make everything look well put together!

Of course, if you guys have any other questions about this, feel free to contact us!

And don’t forget to…

Follow us on Twitter @JomsyConsulting

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