Again, a very good Review for Jomsy Fashion Workshop!


My name is Kayleigh holloway and I took sylvies class when I decided I wanted to finally peruse my dream of creating a bathing suit line. That being said I had no idea where to start. I have no background in fashion besides working at retail stores and to say the least it was intimidating. From the moment I started and met Sylvie I never  once felt scared to do this again. She broke down what the steps were immediately and explained everything with confidence and ease. Her showroom has the most eclectic blend of intelligent talented designers and people in the fashion world that had nothing but encouraging helpful things that made my learning experience joyful. The best thing I took away from the class is that my dream is actually possible and that the first step I took was the right one. I have the best understanding of the entire process and where to go to get my fabrics accessories and even some amazing lunch spots!  The greatest thing though is that Sylvie is someone I can go to with help for my journey at any time. Bright intelligent caring professional and creative are just the tip of the ice burg to describe this amazing mentor, any doubts you have about taking a class with Slyvie push them to the side because this is the best decision you can make if you have a dream to start a clothing line. The fairy god mother of my fashion dreams, I am in the process of starting my second week! Thank you Sylvie !!! IMG_0740 IMG_0741

Skype interview with the “little BLACK dress” winner and JOMSYFASHION.


“A” like Artist, “B” like Beauty, “C” like Contest, “D” like
« Des idées folles »… “S” like Stephanie Saunier alias the winner of our Little Black Dress’s Contest.
Remember, two weeks ago, an incentive competition between all the competitors of this contest and only 24 votes separate our finalists.
This week, we met Stephanie by Skype. Meeting which permits us to obtain the recipe of a success: 120g of a glamour rock chic futurist ‘s style, 10g of poly-ethnic rockabilly musical kind, 30g of realism, a pinch of supernatural, mix the all with satin, silk, cotton or shining and you will obtain the cocktail of a successful story.
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Today we are very happy to share this recipe with you.
Have a good tasting !

Retour sur la victoire de Stéphanie Saunier Part I
Jomsy est une compagnie,implantée dans le coeur du Fashion District a Los Angeles, qui encadre les jeunes stylistes et les aident à lancer leur ligne de vêtement in made USA..



Thank you for your reviews. Was a pleasure to work with you, to think about your next Collection and to stay always connected! WORKING with LOVE!

“En tout cas, je tiens à vous remercier pour votre accueil et votre professionnalisme. J’ai été ravie de vous rencontrer et ravie de ce que vous m’avez appris  et de ce que vous allez m’apprendre.
Je suis fière de moi!

Merci encore et encore.”

(Our client, Beatrice from Guadeloupe)

Quality and Love for EMERGING DESIGNERS!

JOMSY NEWS: Paris Fashion Week


After New-York, London and Milano, next stop is Paris Fashion week ! Until October 2nd, Paris will welcome young talent and famous fashion houses to feature their Spring/Summer 2014 collections on the runway.

Julien Dossena and Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen will introduce their first collections for Pacco nand Zadig and Voltaire, respectively. Let Jomsy be your eyes to the front row to Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Week! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

Here are some of our favorite looks from today’s fashion shows. We prefer the modern and chic style of Vacarello. Tell us what your favorite look is!

Après New-York, Londres et Milan, direction Paris et sa fashion week! Jusqu’au 02 Octobre, Paris accueillera des jeunes talents mais aussi des maisons de couture de haute renomé pour dévoiler leur collections printemps/été 2014.

Julien Dossena (Pacco Rabanne) et la néerlandaise Iris Van Herpen ( Zadig et Voltaire), nous présenteront leur première collection.

Jomsy se charge de vous tenir informé de ce qui se passe durant cette fashion week printemps/été 2014! N’oubliez pas de nous suivre sur Twitter, Instagram et Linkedin.

Nous vous avons sélectionné nos coups de coeur de cette première journée de Fashion Week à Paris. Et vous quelle est votre look favoris? Votre avis avis nous interesse !