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Who is Jomsy Fashion ?
A collective/designer incubator that nurtures the growth of domestic and international emerging fashion brands in the U.S.

Jomsy Fashion is a full-scale fashion consulting service that offers complete design consulting and branding through a wide range of marketing and social media outlets.

Jomsy Fashion was founded by Sylvie de Gil in Beverly Hills, California. Her goal was to create a fashion company that would help to develop a foundation for young talent as a means of having a successful clothing line that would eventually be marketed and sold all over the world.

Sylvie de Gil is a French business woman that grew up in an artistic family. Sylvie’s exposure to the art and fashion world at such an early age fueled her dream of starting a fashion company in America. Her dreams were put on hold as she stepped away from fashion and was introduced to the political life as a Diplomat’s wife. After her husband received a job offer in Los Angeles, Sylvie knew that this was her opportunity to finally make her dreams come to life. Sylvie and her husband moved to Los Angeles and Jomsy Fashion became a reality.

The concept behind Jomsy Fashion is very unique: following the wants and needs of clients, creating one garment or an entire collection. Jomsy Fashion caters to all types of clients and projects, no matter what the scale. Jomsy Fashion also prides itself on having everything produced exclusively in Los Angeles. Jomsy Fashion has clients from all over the world, from Dubai to France, and locations across the United States. Sylvie, being an international transplant herself, realized early on the importance of communicating with her clients that were not located in Los Angeles. She asked herself, “How can I show the clients their designs when they are not I the same city or country?”. Being the savvy business woman that she is, Sylvie invented the fitting by Skype. Clients can simply see their designs live and on a model without the cost and time of traveling.

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Sylvie de Gil is a member of many associations such as the Los Angeles Press Club, Art For Progress organization as well as The Los Angeles Consular Corps Ladies Association. She is also a writer and fashion columnist.

“Fashion is having an open mind and a reflection of who you are in the moment.”

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