401848_565054580201639_1868265164_nJomsyFashion offers designers a full package of services to build a successful fashion brand from A-Z! Jomsy Fashion offers clients services specific to their individual needs, from development of initial design ideas, fabric sourcing and fittings, whether in person or via Skype, to press outreach and the presentation of a collection at market week. Jomsy Fashion is committed to the success of emerging designers and has the knowledge, experience and connections to help you create your clothing line in Los Angeles !

” I trust in you and your products, and I support you “

Our Services :

Here at JomsyFashion, we like to think of ourselves as your Fashion Coach. You have the idea. We have the process.  Let us teach you the way to do it.

Jomsy, Inc

Fees: each collection is unique. Please contact us for pricing . The first 30 minutes of your consultation will be complementary, however if you would like to extend your consultation in order to clear out any doubts, and develop your idea  walking  in the right path to create your line we offer you a service of $125 per hour on your consultation.