Line Development Strategy

Jomsy Fashion Consulting will assist you in creating a strategy plan to launch your project in the USA

At Jomsy Fashion Consulting, our mantra is Listen; Understand; Customize.

  • We take the time to listen to you in order to develop a clear and precise picture of your ideas and goals
  • Taking what we have learned from you we can understand your collection and implement the 7 steps to create a clothing line.
  • Next, Jomsy Fashion Consulting will customize a detailed strategy that is specifically tailored to your objectives.We provide clear-cut ideas, a list of the necessary tools and resources. We will also instruct you as needed on how to implement, maintain, integrate and promote your strategy.

From your idea we help you on how to create your line in the US

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Your Idea

Like everything, it all starts with an idea. We will review any sketches or inspiration you have and help to understand what the next steps will entail based off of your vision.

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Technical Designs

After reviewing your sketch we will address all that needs to be address when formulating a tech pack: seam stitching, trim placement, etc…

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Once a sketch has been made and specifications have been addressed in the technical pack we can then move forward in the pattern making process. Patterns are the foundation of your line, which is why as a designer you need to spend the most time making sure they are correct.

Vector seamless pattern reel of thread. Spools of thread


As patterns are being made, designers have a chance to go to various fabrics and trim boutiques downtown. We want our designers to be as hands on as possible throughout the entire process so we will discuss sourcing strategy.



Finally, once designers see what it takes to create a sketch, patterns, and sourcing they are prepared to make a sample.

Complementary Consultation

Via Skype

Please contact us for your 20 minutes complimentary consultation via Skype to go over your specific needs and desires.