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Create Your Clothing Line in 7 Steps

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Create Your Line in 7 Steps using the successful Jomsy formula. How to Create your Line in 7 step, the […]

Prepare Your Production

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Costs of the garment(s) – Bill of Material/Cost Sheet. Purchasing fabric, trims, labels, care labels. Creating your pattern in different […]

My Fashion project from A-Z

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What is your fashion passion? Have you sketched out an idea? Ever wondered how to make that idea blossom into […]

Promote Your Business in Social Media

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Social Media is fast becoming the #1 communication system worldwide. From blogging to Twitter and everything in between such as […]

Prepare your Photoshoot

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What is a professional photoshoot? How to choose a professional photographer? How to choose model agencies … The photo shoot […]

Create Your Online Community

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Determine who your audience is and who you exist to serve your community. This should align beautifully with your passion, […]


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Social media has transformed the way we communicate. Searching for information in today’s media is a formidable task. The hashtag, […]

Private One on One Workshops

Five days in-house: How to create a Clothing Line Made in the USA

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A Five Day workshop with Jomsy, the best way to start your clothing line! What you’ll learn in this fashion […]

Five days in-house: How to Create a Brand Identity

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Create your Brand Identity: You receive five days of in-house personal instruction. Each day the sessions focus on critical success […]

Five days in-house: X-Treme Workshop

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The Jomsy X-Treme Workshop, the most complete training to success! X-Treme Workshop: Focused, Powerful, and Comprehensive The X-Treme Workshop is […]

Two days : Tour the Los Angeles Fashion District!

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Tour the Los Angeles Fashion District with Jomsy insiders! A Tour of the Fashion District! Wouldn’t you like to discover […]