Apocalypse: A world without smartphones

Apocalypse: what the world would be without smartphones

Apocalypse, that’s the name of the intro movie by tech giant Apple, for the opening of their annual conference, the infamous WWDC. So what about fashion? Well not too much except that this promo movie (which looks like a Hollywood blockbuster) was shot right down the street from the Jomsy Headquarters, in downtown Los Angeles.

Exactly, a few weeks back, we had severe difficulties accessing the Cooper Design Space where Jomsy has its offices. A filming is going on, but we had no idea that it would be such a production. For those of you who are familiar with the area, Spring St was closed between 7th and 4th, with more security that a President’s visit. We hear loud noises, cars crashing, gas trucks blowing up. What we thought was the set of some multimillion dollar action movie was in fact the filming of (not a commercial but) the intro video of the WWDC held in Cupertino by Apple.

So what is the video about?

In this hilarious intro, Apple shows us what the world would be without the App Store. They gives us a preview of what apps would be in the real world. In this apocalyptic world, we see real life Tinder douchebags, desperate pizza delivery guys, bootleg Lyft drivers, a iTunes merchant trying to sell compact disks, yeah this rounded thing we used to have when we were kids. Also, we see how much we rely on technology in order to find our way, or get driving directions. In fact, I wonder how many of you guys would be able to read an old school map nowadays. So yeah, as scary as it sounds, we overly rely on technology which is amazing in a way. But maybe we should rethink our ability to be independent to our phones.

I don’t know about you guys, but this video makes us laugh here at the office. Let us think what YOU think! #JOMSY