Need a “Go-Between” For Your Fashion Project?

Ever wanted to start a clothing line of your own?

An original clothing line designed by the Jomsy Team

Rush Hour, a clothing line by Jomsy Fashion

If you have a strong interest in fashion and have dreams of seeing your collections go international, you need a “Go-Between ” for your Fashion project and Jomsy Fashion is the place for you: “How to create your clothing line”

Learn all there is to know about fashion by the pros who know it all at Jomsy Fashion and watch your fashion designs come to life. Located in the LA Fashion district for the past seven years, we have been a highly respected authority when it comes to fashion education. Our clients go on to be experts themselves in the fashion industry with their designs and collections seen widely and internationally.

We teach both online courses and in-house courses on everything there is in fashion, including our most sought after: How to Create a Clothing Line from A to Z! That is right; you can learn how to create a complete fashion project and have your collection ideas become a reality.

Founded by Sylvie de Gil, the concept for our courses is unique in the fashion world…nowhere else can you find such personal and educational workshops, coaching, support, and help with networking.

Wouldn’t you love to see your fashion project marketed worldwide?
Jomsy Fashion make that dream a reality…in addition to the motivation and support that you will not find elsewhere.