The Jomsy X-Treme Workshop, the most complete training to success!

X-Treme Workshop: Focused, Powerful, and Comprehensive

The X-Treme Workshop is the most exciting and intensive workshop offered by Jomsy Fashion Academy. It will give you the skills to build your fashion design dream.

What is your fashion passion? Do you sketch out ideas? Have you wondered how to make that idea blossom into a full-blown clothing line? Or maybe you wonder how to make your idea a fashion trend?

Come dig deep into your dream career by discovering hands-on how to develop your clothing line from idea to finished sample then how to prepare for production of your line. Take advantage of years of expertise in the fashion industry with this compelling Reflexions Workshop, and receive your certification from Jomsy Fashion Academy. Jomsy staff will consult with you to completely understand your idea, then in five private sessions, we will make your idea come alive. At the end of this workshop, you will hold your dream in your hands in a simple creation. The Jomsy team works closely with you to design, from your idea, an easy-to-create sample. If you are a member of a group, Jomsy will choose a class project as an example sample.

X-Treme Workshop is five days, six hours per day of professional mentor coaching, in-house or we’ll come to you, and one hour for lunch to relax and decompress from the intense information flow. (Lunch, coffee, and cookies are offered)

10 a.m. to noon • Noon Hour Lunch • 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

(Each day lunch is included. Visits and sourcing in the Fashion District are included in the one person workshop, but not in the group workshop.)  

Day 1:

Sessions cover preparing a board collection and trends. First we will learn how to understand trends is a fundamental part of fashion design. What can be the difference between a product that sells or one that stays on the rack. We discuss color, seasons, and sourcing. We meet with a specialist designer to talk about how a collection is designed, and what role technical designs play. Then we source the fabric for your sample or the group project chosen by Jomsy staff.

Day 2:

Sessions cover patterns and pattern making. The foundation of your collection is the pattern. Imagine you build a house. The first step is to pour a firm foundation. You discover how to make a pattern with our pattern maker. Each step of designing your pattern is explained in detail, and then you make your pattern for your idea.

Day 3:

Sessions cover making your muslin. We discuss why a muslin is necessary, what role it plays in the big picture, the material you need to use, and fitting the muslin with a professional model.  We cut and sew the muslin with a sample maker. Then a professional model comes to fit the muslin with the sample maker.

Day 4:

Now is the time to make any adjustments to the pattern after yesterday’s fitting. First, we figure out all the instructions for the sample maker. Then, either in-house or at the sample maker’s place, we will sew the sample. We explain each step comprehensively as well as the different techniques and the sewing essentials.

Day 5:

Sessions cover techniques on preparing for production of your collection. We discuss how to utilize specific tools of the trade such as cost sheets, bill material templates, and grading markers. We visit a grader. You will understand what grading is. Then you can grade your pattern and markers.


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