One Week Skype Workshop: How to Create a Clothing Line in 7 Steps

You receive five days of personal instruction. Each two-hour session on Skype focuses on critical success factors for designer fashions, and is customized to fit your needs and experience level. Included in this package is two extra hours of in-depth focus. Spacing these sessions across five days gives you time to practice the skills you learn about, and helps you to learn quickly. You don’t quit learning as soon as the lesson is over. The more you think about what you’ve learned, the better you retain the knowledge.

How to Create Your Line in 7 Steps

  •  We begin with your idea.
    • Explore importance of sourcing for fabric and trim.
    • Explain the Tech Pack and how to use it efficiently.
    • You learn the ins and outs of pattern.
    • You learn how to muslin fit making sure the pattern fits
    • We teach you how to create the perfect sample and the perfect pattern.
    • We discuss production prep.

How to prepare a clothing line production Workshop

  • Determining Costs of the Garment(s) – Bill of Material/Cost Sheet.
    • How to purchase material and trims
    • How to prepare labels and care labels
    • Grading and Marker (Creating your pattern in different sizes)
    • Preparing Correct PO for Contractor
    • Cutting and Sewing of Production/Send outs
    • Finishing and Quality Control

Discover how to Create Your Brand Identity Workshop

  • Creating your business plan – Outlining your project
    • Visualizing the Project
    • Thinking it through
    • Writing it down
    • Sales Strategies
    • Costs/Profits
  • Branding and Brand Identity Core
    • Create your unique logo
    • Prepare your photoshoot
    • Create content for your website
    • Prepare the visual image and to reflect it in social media

Learn how to Promote Your Business in Social Media Workshop

  • Open social media outlets that are relevant for your brand
  • Create a slogan that personalizes your brand and line
  • Research forums, communities, and blogs
  • Create your own community and blog, and effectively manage it
  • Make Twitter, Facebook, and other social outlets work for you.
  • Build the reputation of your brand
  • Launch a campaign on social media


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