The Premium Video Bundle by Jomsy, a collection of online courses to help you be successful in your fashion project!

Premium Video Bundle is a bundle of 11 videos worth $225:

  1. CREATE YOUR LINE  (Individual price $55)
  2. PREPARE YOUR PRODUCTION (Individual price $15)
  3. MY PROJECT FROM A TO Z (Individual price $30)
  4. PREPARE YOUR BUSINESS PLAN (Individual price $20)
  5. PREPARE YOUR PHOTO SHOOT (Individual price $15)
  6. HOW TO BUILD YOUR COMMUNITY (Individual price $10)
  7. WHAT IS HASHTAG? (Individual price $10)
  8. WHAT IS KEYWORDS? (Individual price  $10)
  9. WHAT IS SLOGAN? (Individual price $10)
  10. CREATE YOUR BRAND IMAGE (Individual price $30)
  11. PROMOTE IN SOCIAL MEDIA (Individual price $20)


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