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Jomsy Fashion founder Sylvie de Gil

Jomsy Fashion:

Jomsy Fashion founder Sylvie de Gil leads the fashion industry. She teaches innovative branding and marketing ideas through the 7-step production process customized to your unique need whether you are a beginner or an expert.

You can discover your internal talent for producing, marketing and branding your fashion line (clothing or accessories) by tapping into the years of experience, integrity, and excellent reputation that Jomsy Fashion has.

The concept is unique in the fashion world offering consultations courses, workshops, coaching, support, and help with networking.

Jomsy Fashion takes your idea, and guides you through the process from A to Z. From then goes beyond that to teach you about marketing and branding it. Jomsy Fashion trains you using the 7 Steps of producing a fashion collection.

Jomsy Fashion founder Sylvie de Gil:

The company was founded by Sylvie de Gil in Los Angeles, California. She is a French business woman who has parlayed her fashion expertise and life-long visual arts experience into an innovative fashion industry business.

She formed Jomsy Fashion Consultant with the goal of coaching you towards building a solid foundation for clothing line production. A foundation that you can duplicate again and again no matter the type of clothing collection.

Sylvie de Gil’s creativity lends a unique perspective to teaching social media skills for marketing and branding. Her creativity has been enhanced by living in numerous countries and traveling worldwide. She mentored her staff into amazing talent. This reflects her passion and fashion industry know-how in effective social media practices.

Jomsy Fashion helps you realize your goal of a successful fashion collection marketed and sold all over the world. She and her staff give you motivation and support throughout the process.

Sylvie de Gil is a member of many associations. Some of them are the Los Angeles Press Club, Art for Progress Organization as well as the Los Angeles Consular Corps Ladies Association. She is also a writer and fashion columnist.

Jomsy Fashion has clients from Dubai to France and across the United States.

To learn more about how to join these clients, check out the available workshops or schedule a consultation.

Don’t forget to check out the eBook Sylvie wrote called “How to Create Your Line in 7 Steps” which is available on Amazon.

“Fashion is having an open mind and a reflection of who you are in the moment.”

Eddie C.

Jomsy Fashion hands down is the best at what they do, they have an amazing workshop which helps you step by step to achieve your goals, provide you with a lot of information such as providers, how to develop new products, and brand new fresh ideas that will help you expand your goals and give you a lot more ideas to expand greatly. The service is outstanding ,everyone is extremely supportive, very professional, and very charismatic. Jomsy Fashion will guide you thru the process of making ideas a reality, as they did for me. My fashion line is ready to launch all because of them. I recommend you jomsy. Thank you Jomsy for guiding me into the right direction.

Jo S.

Jomsy Fashion is the Best place to learn about Fashion Industry and how to make your Fashion Dream come true ! My experience was really complete and useful ! Sylvie is really good in this area, she tailored tailor your strategy by targeting your need and personality ! Complete, intense and great moment spent with you Sylvie ! Thanks a lot !