Tech Sneakers:

Tech Sneakers: those Apple Corporate shoes selling for $15K.

In the 90s, tech giant Apple Computers released this pair of Adidas Superstar looking type of sneakers, design exclusively for Apple employees at the time. The limited edition tech sneakers with a retro feel are burning up the internet.

The Apple Corporate tech sneakers.

The Apple Corporate tech sneakers.

The shoes are made of white leather featuring the then iconic rainbow Apple logo. And what seems to be the last pair out is currently selling on eBay. Indeed, Heritage Auctions, a Beverly Hills based seller, currently sells a pair, size 9.5, with a current bid of $15.000. The seller’s estimate ranges between $24k to $36k. The listing doesn’t say anything about the conditions but according to the only picture posted, the pair seems new. Needless to say that this extremely rare item has a bunch of fans around the world fighting to get their hands on it.

Just as a reference, according to the website Konbini, some of those sneakers sell on eBay in 2007 for $79. Yes, $79, so if you have one of those at home, you know you can flip them for a LOT of cash.

You have this much money to drop on sneakers, make Kanye jealous and bid on it, the link is right below! #JOMSY